Ollwyn Moran

Founder & CEO

My Story

I founded COGNIKIDS® to bring you the best quality and smartest baby products in the market. I am a trained secondary school teacher with a degree in science, and a Masters in Education from NUIM. I work as a Neurological Developmental Therapist, and lectures both in Trinity College Dublin and for Hibernia College. In addition to all this I am a mum to two wonderful boys, Matthew and Alex aged 11 and 9 years old. They are, as every parent will understand, my world and my driving force.

What I do at COGNIKIDS®

I am the founder and CEO of COGNIKIDS®. I basically do everything and then some. From coordinating the day to day running to sales, purchasing, on-boarding new strategic partners, setting up suppliers, supplier audits and visits, quality control, strategy, planning, commercial, legal, travel (national and international), trade shows, brand development, product development, events, marketing, pr, networking, co-ordinating with the Board and Investors, HR, and probably other jobs in there that I have forgotten! 🙂 And somewhere among all that I like to drink green tea! There are times that I work from home so that I can focus on what I need to without distractions, because our office is a very busy place.


COGNIKIDS® is a company that is dedicated to supporting the natural developmental stages of babies through fun and functional developmental products.

In my spare time…

This question made me laugh! I don’t generally have spare time ref: the above question! 🙂 But I do love to run… so blending my work life with my home life I tend to bring the kids with me when I go running. They either bike it or run with me too, so its a lovely family activity to do while staying healthy. I absolutely adore travelling and am lucky that I get to do a lot with this job so I do try to find an afternoon where I can get out and about and explore when I am in another country. I also love to travel at home too. And frequently head off last minute for the weekend with the kids somewhere not too far from home. And I love reading. Anything from heavy going academic stuff to chick lit! I’ll read anything. My favourite author is Paulo Coelho.

“It always seems impossible until it is done”

– Nelson Mandela