Baby Weaning Introduction
Developing Young Minds

What Is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a method supporting your baby´s natural development in an early state of their childhood. It simply means that you are encouraging your babies to eat by themselves offering them small solid foods instead of the regular baby purees. This will ease the transition from breast-feeding to solid food.   Especially […]

Developing Young Minds


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a devastating and unexplained child death.  SIDS is most common during sleep but the exact causes are unknown. Sometimes a physical vulnerability or certain environmental factors can increase the risk.  The physical risk factors include brain abnormalities that control breathing and arousal from sleep, a respiratory infection, and a low […]

Developing Young Minds

Baby Talk

Although baby talk may sound quite ridiculous, it turns out this type of communication may be critical to a baby’s development. Just because your baby cannot talk back, does not mean you shouldn’t be talking to him. Baby talk, also called infant-directed speech, is identifiable by its high pitch and emotive tone. It sounds like […]