Grip™ – Baby Bottle Gripper (Tangerine)


Grip® is designed to help babies grasp their own bottle, encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding. Easing the transition from breast to bottle.

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Grip® – Baby Bottle Gripper

A soft and flexible gripper for young babies designed to help them learn to grasp their own bottle.

  • 4+ Months
  • Universal Compatibility
  • 100% Recycleable TPE
  • Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Protective Design
  • Designed in Ireland
  • Made in the UK

Carefully Designed

Grip® was designed to help babies develop fine motor skills & gross motor skills.
In doing this Grip® helps to develop the sensory system and promotes independent feeding.


Universal Compatibility

Grip® is soft and flexible allowing compatibility with many different baby bottles. The unique shape hugs the neck of the bottle and gently supports it from the bottom up, keeping it firmly in place while enabling your baby to feed more independently and fuss free.


Using Grip®

Grip® can be stretched over a bottle from either the top or the bottom, depending on what works best for your brand.

Cushioning & Protective

Using glass bottles? Grip® offers added protection from accidental drops.


Dimensions 8.7 × 8.7 × 15 cm

Compatibility Check

Universal Compatibility

Check the expected fit of Grip on your bottle of choice below.

From left to right, Dr. Browns Wide, Chu Chu Baby, Medela, Mam & Avent.

Many more images still come.

Universal baby bottle holder

Blogger Reviews

My Little Bábóg

“So the GRIP has definitely encouraged her independence at just six months old.”my-little-babog

The Mamma Fairy

“Price wise it is definitely reasonable for the quality and fit. I have recommended to others without hesitation.”


Janine’s Little World

“Plain bottles with milk or water on its own can be very hard to handle and challenging for your little one, so this is where GRIP comes in.”

Janine's Little World, Welcome to the life of a full-time working mum.



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