What we believe and stand for

We believe that every baby has a right to grip, grasp, hold, throw, chew, suck, creep, crawl, shake, dance, kick, flail about and sometimes even fall down. All of these actions are the building blocks upon which your baby will build their future skills. Skills like being able to sit attentively, hold a pencil, learn to write their name, do up a button or tie their shoelaces.

We believe that high-quality baby products will help your baby’s neurological development and ensure that your baby lives up to his or her in-built potential. We believe that those products should look great, feel amazing, solve problems and that they should all be organic and sustainably produced. We don’t believe in good enough. We don’t believe in nasty ingredients.
We believe in babies.


Hey there,
I’m Ollwyn. I’m the founder of COGNIKIDS. I’m also a Child Development expert and am very passionate about Neurological Development and Neuro-Psychology.

I have been working in this field for over 20 years. I write for a number of Parenting magazines and input on tv too. I have a monthly slot on Ireland AM where I talk about a variety of developmental topics. You can find them on the Cognikids YouTube (hyperlink to youtube channel) or our IGTV.

But my most important job is being mum to my amazing kiddos, Matthew and Alex. And in fact it was watching their early stage development that led to my Ah-Ha!

Moment and the launch Creeper Crawlers® in 2012.

With Creeper Crawlers® (the big brother of COGNIKIDS®), my team and I focused on designing and producing baby clothing that would help little wrigglers get a grip on slippy floors.

The Easy Grip Crawl Suit® helped (and still helps!) babies to
crawl safely and successfully on the smoothest of modern floor surfaces. I was
thrilled that I could empower babies to explore their world, helping to promote
healthy bodies and brain development.

In 2015, I decided to expand the business to create a wider range of developmental products.

I rebranded us to COGNIKIDS and began to add to our awesome product range.
At the heart of our rebrand I maintained my commitment to:

  • Put babies first
  • Produce products that support neurological development
  • Ensure that our functional products are made to the highest safety and quality standards
  • Never forget that babies and parents need to have some fun!