Ollwyn Moran

Founder & CEO

A little bit about me….

As you can see from the photos, I have two amazing boys. And generally at weekends we can be found on some sort of an outdoor adventure! Be it up the mountains or by the Sea. Once we are out and about we are happy.

I am a bit of a sunset loving book worm and am passionate about continued learning. So much so, that I am currently working on my PhD.

I am a child development expert and love anything to do with the Brain!

And due to popular demand I have just launched my private practice called COGNIClinic. To find out more click the button below.

I am generally a positive person and a firm believer that what you put out to the Universe will come back to you, so be kind, compassionate and happy.

Siobhan Wilmot

I’m Siobhan and this is my fur baby Dexter. If we’re not having a walk on a beach or up a mountain then you’ll most likely find us having a cuddle on the couch.