This is a question that I am being asked a lot lately. It seems that most baby development books and guides are suggesting that babies should be crawling by 7-8months. And yes, that is what I was taught also during my training. However since starting Creeper Crawlers and being able to talk with a large and diverse amount of parents directly, it would appear that babies are coming later to the developmental milestone of crawling. It would appear that babies are now crawling around 9-10months of age, and even later in some cases.

All babies are different and develop at a different rate which is why I tend to shy away from being to descriptive in relation to timelines however what I do like to give is a general timeframe – ideally your baby should crawl for 4 – 5 months before they become walkers. Because the brain is being wired in a huge way while your baby is crawling and many important neural pathways are being formed during this task, it is best to give your baby plenty of time to perform these repeated movements. As I always say “Movement is the key to Learning”.

Crawling backwards before crawling forwards is generally nothing to be alarmed by. Some babies find it easier to go backwards first. Then generally once they have developed their muscles sufficiently they will be able to crawl forwards. If you do have worries about your baby’s development you should make your doctor / Public Health Nurse / Health care official aware of your concerns immediately. You are the person that knows your baby best. My motto for everything in life is “If in doubt, check it out”.

Cruising is assisted walking, it is not the same as the independent movement that walking is. Cruising occurs in and around the same time as crawling occurs. This can often confuse parents as they can then tend to focus on cruising. While this is a very exciting stage for us as parents to see our little ones up on two feet it is incredibly important not to overly encourage upright locomotion at this stage. Your child should crawl for 4 – 5 months to achieve the super brain wiring and other benefits that the developmental stage of crawling has to offer.

There are plenty of things that you can do with your baby to encourage them to crawl. Of course the first thing you should do is get them a Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Crawl Suit. Once you have this, you and your baby are now ready to get moving!
I always suggest to parents that they actually get down on the floor and show their baby what crawling is. This is especially important for a first child because they have no other role models whose movements they can mimic.
You should make this time on the floor fun. Really engage your baby and encourage them.
Play little games on the floor with them – such as rolling their favourite toy across the floor and pretend to race them to it.
I also suggest making an obstacle course on the floor for your baby using items already around the house.
For further ideas, hints, tips and suggestions on how to help your baby crawl read my blog post here. I go into much more detail there. Just remember …… Have FUN!

There may be a number of reasons your baby is not yet crawling. From the simplest one, being that they are just not ready to the fact that they are finding it very difficult to get their body co-ordinated on the floor surfaces in your home. If you have wooden, laminate or tiled floors it is important for you to understand that these present a huge challenge to your baby. They offer no traction and so your baby ends up slipping, sliding and possibly injuring themselves by bumping and bruising their heads or even bursting their lips as a result of slipping. This can put babies off trying to crawl again. Remember, having a baby crawl on a slippery surface is the same as you having to walk on ice in shoes that have no grip! Not pleasant experience.
There may be other physiological / medical factors preventing your baby from crawling too. Although we have had feedback from some parents who had been told that their child would not crawl by their development teams in the hospital, however with the help of our Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Crawl Suit they happily reported back to us and the development team in the hospital that their child did indeed crawl.
But please remember, If you are worried or concerned about your childs development please speak with your Doctor.

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We prefer to always recommend to parents that you should start your baby wearing our products when they are in or around the 6 month age. It is at this stage during Tummy Time that your little one will begin to make crucial movements in preparation for the crawling stage. It is also at this stage that if your little one does not have a positive experience with these pre-crawling movements they may lose confidence and not feel secure enough to continue with these vital movements.