Developmental Milestones - 4-5 Months

Developmental Milestones – 4-5 Months

Over the next few months our CEO, Founder and Neurological Developmental Therapist, Ollwyn Moran will bring you through each Developmental Milestone and stage of growth for your baby, sharing what to expect, what to look out for, and how to nurture each stage of development.

Today, we’re discussing the 4-5 month developmental stage.

What can you expect at this age?
At four months, your baby will laugh and smile when you engage with them and will start to experiment with different sounds. Your baby will also begin to roll over now, and with the support of pillows they can learn to sit up on their own too.




Developmental Aids: Babies will really start to explore their toys at this age by holding them in their hands and bringing them to their mouth. Chunky toys in different shapes, colours and with a variety of surfaces are perfect for this age group. Toys that wobble will also encourage your child to reach and help their eye tracking ability. Your baby can hold their own bottle now, so try using the feeding Cognikids bottle cover to make it easier for your little one, while helping to develop the pincer grip.

Things to Avoid: Containers such as walkers / door hoppers etc. Avoid using physical containers to aid sitting or packing up with pillows etc. 

Things to do: There are lots of little activities that you can do with your little one to help them develop the muscles required for self sitting.


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