Developmental Milestones – 2-3 Months

We are excited to share our brand new series with you – our Developmental Series from Newborn to 3 years of age. Over the next few months our CEO, Founder and Neurological Developmental Therapist, Ollwyn Moran will bring you through each Developmental Milestone and stage of growth for your baby, sharing what to expect, what to look out for, and how to nurture each stage of development.

Today, we’re discussing the 2-3 month developmental stage.

What can you expect at this age?
Your baby’s vision will be clearer every day and she will start to smile at you. It’s important that you stimulate your baby’s intellectual growth by talking, singing, and reading to your baby. Introduce a few minutes of tummy time everyday to give your baby the opportunity to exercise her neck muscles. They will attempt to lift her head but will only manage a few seconds at first.

2-3 months developmental milestones



Developmental Aids:  Around month three, your baby will get better at controlling her hands and her fingers can grasp on to toys. A floor gym with colourful hanging objects will help your baby practice kicking and reaching for items, furthering her motor skills and cognitive development. 

Things to look out for : flattening of the head (Plagiocephaly ) or head favouring / tilting to one side (Torticollis ).


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