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Easy Grip Crawl Suit®

Your baby will try to crawl when they’re ready but if they can’t get a grip on the floor below them they may give up. This could mean that they miss out on an incredibly important developmental milestone.

Because we understand the benefits of crawling, we are passionate about helping slippy sliders to become creepy crawlers.

The Easy Grip Crawl Suit® is a 100% cotton, award-winning onesie fitted with carefully positioned rubberised grips that help your baby to find traction on just about any floor surface.

This can help your baby to benefit from an amazing opportunity for neurological
and muscular development, balance and eye function.

Neurological development

The repetitive movements involved in crawling help to stimulate neurons in your baby’s brain. This is important because it will help your baby to improve their memory, understand complex ideas and concentrate. Plus, because your baby will use the right and left sides of their bodies together when they crawl, they will also use both sides of their brain. This increases connections between the two hemispheres of your baby’s brain, which helps them to learn. Click here to learn more

Muscular development & balance

Crawling helps your baby to build strength in the muscles of their core, legs, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. When they crawl they play with balance, learning from the experience of moving one limb away from the ground and then the next.

Your baby’s new-found strength and balance will help them to feel more stable and confident in their own abilities to explore the world around them.

Eye Function

When babies crawl they have to look into the distance, pick out what they want to move towards and then look down at their hands and the ground in front of them as they crawl towards it. They’ll put this skill into practice when they copy something from a blackboard or kick a ball towards a goal.

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creepy crawling. Visit the Blog


The Brain




Eye Function



The Problem with Modern Floors

Both wooden and tiled floors are very different from their carpet predecessor.
Cold to the touch and very slippery, not the ideal environment for a baby getting to know their body.

Patented Grip

Our carefully positioned grip provides just the right amount of traction in just the right places.

We went through years of research and testing before we found the perfect material, and the perfect positioning for our rubberised grip.

It was important that the grip wouldn’t inhibit any of a babies natural movements while still providing the grip necessary to crawl on slippery floors.


Award Winning Function

Our patented Easy Grip Crawl Suit®has won numerous consumer and industry awards for innovation, function & safety.

Child First

At COGNIKIDS® our mission is to support and enhance the natural developmental stages of infants.

We are passionate about promoting the creation of healthy body and brain connections.

When developing new products we ask ourselves,

“How does this benefit the child?”

Ethical Sourcing

We only use factories which are members of sedex. This ensures safe working conditions for employees and a fair wage for the work they do.


Safety Tested

For our customers peace of mind each of our orders are voluntarily tested to comply with european standards for the presence of unsafe chemicals & dyes.



Easy Grip Crawl Suit®

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