Welcome to the CogniKids Clinic

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to now be able to offer you the ability to book in an appointment for a one to one session with Ollwyn Moran, the founder of COGNIKIDS.
Ollwyn is a mum to two boys, both of whom were significantly premature also. So this combination of her vast amounts of developmental knowledge and real life experience from the view of a parent has helped to drive Ollwyn forward in her mission to provide the best environments and opportunities for healthy child development and hitting those milestones.
Ollwyn believes that “Movement is the Key to Learning“.


About Ollwyn

For the past 20 years Ollwyn has worked in the area of Child Development and Education. Ollwyn has a BSc in Biology and Maths and has always been fascinated with the brain and its development. 
After her BSc Ollwyn went on to complete her teacher training in UCD, gaining her first class honours in the Higher Diploma in Education. And it was during this training that Ollwyn chose two electives based around working with students with additional needs. These sparked her interest in this field of study however it was not until Ollwyn became is full time teacher that she realised the need for additional understanding and training to help students in the classroom to a better degree.
Ollwyn actively sought out additional training to support her knowledge thus far and found INPP in Chester. This was a perfect fit for Ollwyn’s interest in neurology, physiology and psychology.  Ollwyn trained with INPP for 2 years. And began private practice and clinic times at the weekends after she was fully trained. 

Arrange a consultation

If you would like to arrange a private consultation with Ollwyn please contact the email address with the following information:
  1. Name, Age, Gender of child
  2. Address
  3. Brief note highlighting areas of concern 
Your email will be answered within 24 hours.

Ollwyns learning from her training totally transformed her teaching and her classroom techniques and style with her students, and the principles of her training really sat well with her. “There is a reason for every action”.
Being passionate about life long learning, Ollwyn then went on to add to her experience and completed training in pure Psychology with Maynooth University, Johansen Sound training through INPP Chester, Sensory Integration training with INPP Scotland and further training in Sensory Integration through the Ayres  Sensory Integration in London.
Ollwyn uses her knowledge and expertise in these areas to take a 360 informed view of what is happening in the world of the baby / child / adult.
Ollwyn works with all age groups where there is an area of concern.
She believes that the earlier the intervention the better the outcome. And in many cases she works in preventative practice rather than remediation.
Ollwyn works with children / adults presenting with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Cerebral Palsy, Auditory Processing Disorder and those on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD).
Ollwyn does not make a diagnoses, however many clients are referred to her by Educational Psychologists, Paediatric OT’s,  doctors etc. 
And over the years Ollwyn has noticed an increase in the need for support and resources out there for new parents with concerns for their little ones development. Many reaching out to Ollwyn for some private clinic time to help discuss the sensory diet and needs and requirements for the stage that their little one is at. 
This is a huge area of concern for parents and there really is very little help out there within a timely manner for them. I prefer to take a full view of the world of the baby, starting from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy and delivery right up to the day that we meet. This really helps to build a very informed and comprehensive picture for me of what may be going on and causing concerns and how best to work though it. I believe that prevention is better than cure.