What Is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby Weaning Introduction

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a method supporting your baby´s natural development in an early state of their childhood. It simply means that you are encouraging your babies to eat by themselves offering them small solid foods instead of the regular baby purees. This will ease the transition from breast-feeding to solid food.


Especially within the last couple of years BLW aroused a lot of attention. Thus, many young mothers seem to become more and more interested trying it out for their own little babies. As there is no right or wrong, every family can choose and figure out what works best for them.


Your children will start grabbing small, thinly sliced foods and snacks you can easily prepare in your own kitchen. Apple slices or vegetable sticks served with mild dips would be the perfect choice to firstly introduce BLW. Offering a wide range of different foods will not only introduce new colours, sizes, shapes and textures, it will also help the decision-making which foods to choose. Learning by doing – following this saying, babies will be able to discover their very own eating experience with the help of COGNIKIDS Dip. Shop here


Although they will probably play around with the food before they will actually put it in their mouth which might take up a lot of time in the beginning, it will definitely be worth the effort in the end. It is a necessary step of baby led weaning, that you allow your babies to take time and naturally become more used to eating solid food. It is all about a slow, but steady ongoing process.


Besides learning how to take small bites, babies will also practise their sense of touch. They will become more confident from time to time, since they will have figured out which foods they like the most or which ones are the easiest to grab after some months. Simply support your child whenever he or she seems to feel insecure and try to interact with one another. This is how you are able to ensure harmonious family dinners every day!

Family Eating Meal Together In Kitchen

Just give it a try and see how it works for you loved ones



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