Yoghurt For Babies Comparison-How Much Sugar Is Your Baby Consuming?

Yoghurt makes a perfect first food for your little one, it’s easy to digest and a great way to consume healthy bacteria. There are many nutritional benefits to them, but how much sugar is your baby consuming when you give these baby marketed yoghurts to them?

Everyone of all ages enjoy yoghurt, it can boost your immune system and it tastes great. Yoghurt is full of nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium.

We’ll add more on these below.

baby weaning spoon first spoon
Dip pre weaning spoon – ideal for use with yogurt

While yoghurt contains good bacteria that is healthy for you, the added and artificial sugars are unnecessary and removes some of the benefits.

This is why we have some suggestions for you in this post.

We at COGNIKIDS HQ came up with a fun idea this week, we’re keeping up the idea of healthier alternatives to products.

We start off with explaining another healthy ice pop demo using our popular Dip weaning pre spoon  . A great way to provide a little mini ice lolly / ice cream for little ones is to coat the head of our Dip spoon and pop it in the freezer for an hour. Because of the clever indents on the head of our spoon the yoghurt sticks to them and doesn’t fall off. Making it the PERFECT ice lolly, without the colouring or the sugar.

With that in mind, we decided to check just how much sugar is in Baby Yoghurt. While these yoghurt for babies are marketed towards a developing baby we think there’s better options, and the amount of sugar that is in these little cups is shocking.




Why not check out our video explaining the sugar contents of a variety of different baby yoghurts:

Here is an image showing how much sugar is in these small quantities of food:20170622_172820edit

Shown are

Glenisk Baby Natural with 2 grams of sugar

SuperValu Fromage Frais with 7 grams of sugar

Yoplait Petits Filous (cup) with 5 grams of sugar

Peppa Pig Fromage Frais with 5.5 grams of sugar

Yoplait Petits Filous (pouch) with 7 grams of sugar

Glenisk Strawberry with 7 grams of sugar

Strawberry Munch Bunch with 5 grams of sugar


For the size of the portions, we feel that is quite a lot of sugar! We recommend with these results the Glenisk baby organic/natural yoghurt, the one with the added strawberry flavor had a lot more sugar than the normal flavor. Our suggestion is to add in your own additional fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and many more) to give your baby the best nutrients and a delicious and flavored snack.

We thought on top of that it’d be fun to include some big yoghurts that aren’t marketed towards babies, and compare them to these yogurts as if they were the same size. The results for these ones hard to compare:

Glenisk Natural Yoghurt (based on 50 grams)- 2 grams of sugar (same as yogurt for babies)

Rachel’s Greek Style Yogurt(based on 50 grams)- 2.5 grams of sugar

TrueValu Greek Style Yogurt(based on 50 grams)- 2 grams of sugar


As we can see, these yoghurts that hopefully you already have in your refrigerator are a better option for both you and your baby. While some sugar is needed, we don’t want to give our developing babies too much or the wrong amount of sugar. We hope these options helped you decide what kind of yoghurt to get next time you’re looking to feed you and your little one.

Some additional nutritional information on yoghurts nutrients:

It contains

  • Calcium – This helps build and maintain strong bones.
  • Vitamin B-2 – Has a major role in energy production.
  • Vitamin B-12 – Maintains heart health, promotes healthy digestion.
  • Potassium- Enhances metabolism and nervous system.
  • Magnesium- Regulates other nutrient levels.

yogurt for babies