Top Tips for Teething Babies!

Top Tips for Teething Babies!

Teething is the process when infant’s get their first teeth and along with this comes pain for your baby—here are some tips and signs of teething, so you can help your baby to the best of your ability.



COGNIKIDS signs of teething…


Signs of teething:

  • Red and Swollen Gums
  • Red, Flushed Cheeks or Face
  • Gum-rubbing, Biting, or Sucking
  • Rubbing his/her on the same side as an erupting tooth
  • Sleepless at night and wakeful during the day
  • Not feeding as well
  • Irritable and unsettled
  • Diarrhoea
  • High Temperature
  • Rash


Tips for helping your teething baby:

  • Rash/Drool 
    • Wipe away, use a non-irritant fabric (such as bamboo) / use an absorbent bib that is soft, that doesn’t cause too muchheat to develop around the neck and chest area.
      • This will help prevent any chest infections from developing / use a barrier cream on it at night to help heal it and prevent further irritation.




  • Swollen Gums
    • These can be very sore, baby may refuse bottle of breat when teething hard
      • Pressure from chewing may help to relieve it
      • Find a safe, soft, texturized item that your baby can put into their mouth to help alleviate some pain (some soft silicon teething items are very good for this)
      • Or you may even find that your baby ends up chewing your clothes / blankets, etc. – they are looking for relief from different sensations & sensory stimulation
    • Give them something cool to bite on can help
      • Using a clean finger, if you rub along the gums, the pressure on the gums can help alleviate the pain.
      • Sugar free teething gels and homeopathic powders/granules are also helpful.
      • You can also give an infant paracetamol or ibuprofen.



COGNIKIDS Sooth® – Sensory Teething Bib shown.


Our Sensory Teething Bib is made from eco-friendly Bamboo fabric with a food grade silicone teether. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth once made into fabric it is up to 60% more absorbent than cotton, all while being super soft. Only 100% certified food grade silicone is used in the manufacture of Sooth’s silicone teether.

Our Sensory Teething Bib is the perfect solution for your baby’s teething problems.

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