Buying for Baby – Top Tips!

Gift buying for baby can actually be a tough task! Whether you are an uncle, aunt, grandparent, friend or even parent ….. the variety of products available for babies these days can make gift buying more difficult.

You can be bamboozled with information, details and choice. It can feel like when Starbucks first landed on our shores. Do you remember how difficult it was to just order a cup of coffee? What milk would you like? full fat / half fat/ semi-skimmed / dairy free option? Would you like a caramel mocha choca late grande iced decaf  bla bla bla ….. I think you get what I’m saying!

So with that in mind, we here in the COGNIKIDS HQ want to help guide you and take the pain out of trying to find something unique and useful when buying for baby.

We have created our top 5 tips to help give you a steer, especially for this time of year, so here goes ….


COGNIKIDS Top 5 Tips when buying for baby –

#1 Think beyond the newborn.

buying for baby 6 months plus
Think past the newborn stage ….. 6 mths onwards

Many parents wish that they could receive items for baby from 6 mths onwards. By this stage in their development they have become a lot more interactive, independent, bigger and are generally full of mischief 🙂

What this actually means is that because they are moving about and probably almost crawling too and they are a lot more attentive and as a result they engage very differently with their surroundings which means they actually have completely different requirements to that of a newborn.

Gifting for above the 6mth age means that they generally get longer out of the gift also.





#2 If giving baby clothes – keep it real!

LOL! Why make life more complicated?!
LOL! Why make life more complicated?!

Baby clothing is probably one of the easiest gifts to buy…. however, some of the outfits on the market are really not overly practical!

Think about how many times mum & dad will have to change a nappy! Can they access this area easily or will they require a degree in engineering? No matter how cute the outfit is, if its not user friendly, baby will not be strutting their stuff in your gift!

Make sure that what you get does not need to be dry cleaned! Believe it or not, there are some baby clothes out there that require dry cleaning! A quick check on the label is all it takes.



Make sure the fabric can live up to plenty of wear and tear …. and if possible make sure the fabric is a quick drying fabric. Choosing fabrics such as 100% cotton or bamboo are quick drying, breathable, absorbent and comfortable on little ones skin.

buying for baby
K.I.S.S – Keep It Super Simple!

Bamboo fabric also has thermo-regulating properties and is anti-bacterial. If you know that the little one you are trying to buy for has any skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema then choosing a gift made from bamboo shows that you have actually put a lot of thought in to the gift.

And again, think beyond the newborn. This stage is so short lived and little ones basically stay in their onesie / babygro. Go for anything 6mths plus.




#3 Think about the stage that the little one is at

This is probably one of the best indicators about what to buy and when. But don’t just go by their age. Ask mum / dad questions about the little ones health – Have the teeth started to come in yet? Or, How are they getting on with the teething? Have they started crawling yet? Do they like tummy time? Are they holding their own bottle yet? etc etc

Even though there are guides to ages that babies will start to do certain things and go through certain developmental stages etc Mother Nature has other plans …. each baby will go through stages at different times and at different paces. So just check in with mum / dad about where baby is at.

So best rule, buy according to the feedback you get from the little ones parents. There are so many items for different stages that you will not be stuck for inspiration.

And these gifts are always so thoughtful and more meaningful. You’ll be a total buying for baby rockstar! 🙂

Oooohhhhh Yeah!
Oooohhhhh Yeah!

#4 Don’t spend a fortune!

While little ones are little, there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a gift. The best suggestion would be to give a gift to the value of €20 or €30 for baby and if you have won the lotto and feel that you would like to splash the cash further, then why not get a dinner voucher for mum & dad!

Or even better yet, why not make out your own voucher for a night of baby sitting to be redeemed whenever! And include a €20 cinema voucher for the parents. New parents can often find it hard to get a ‘date night’ scheduled. And those nights can cost a lot if they need to pay for a baby sitter. You can give up one evening and it hasn’t cost you a cent, but you have just saved mum & dad a babysitter bill of about €40!

I always feel that gifts that involve giving time are so much more valuable and much more meaningful. In this modern world, we need to put the focus back on community and connectedness.

#5 If in doubt … get those vouchers out 🙂

If you are really struggling with what to get, don’t go rogue and start buying for baby with wild abandon! Thats far too dangerous!

Just get a voucher. Now, I know that for some, buying a voucher doesn’t sit well. You feel its impersonal. It goes against everything I have just said in point 1 to 4! And so on, and so on ……

Well let me stop you right there …. eh nope! Vouchers are fantastic for parents. They have so much stuff to get that often they don;t even realise what they need until they need it …like …..yesterday!

buying for baby
Gift Vouchers are a great option.


Parents would much rather have a stash of vouchers for amazing places that they will most definitely be in the coming months such as Mothercare, Boots Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy, Tesco, Meaghers Pharmacy, Stacks Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy or Sam MacCauleys Pharmacy and any amazing independent retailers. And you can buy vouchers online for most retailers.

Parents will spend hundreds and hundreds on baby and to think that they have some vouchers to offset against purchases that must be made is wonderful. Believe me.

Vouchers also show that you have put thought into it and made a decision to help out in a meaningful way.

A voucher for any amount is worth a million times more than that oversized teddy bear that takes up half your living room or babys nursery! Come seriously! It’s a no brainer!

Don't panic purchase!
Don’t panic purchase!

So with all that said, we hope you have found some useful advice and some practical hints and tips to buying for baby.

You can of course visit our store online here for some inspiration too 🙂 And we offer free shipping and free gift wrapping.

We would love to hear your feedback on our tips and if you have any suggestions or would like to add further tips, we’d love to see you add them in the comments section.





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