Adding to your family?

Thinking about having a second child and bringing another bundle of joy into your life? There are a lot of things to consider when getting ready for baby number 2 and not to mention you already have baby number 1 to worry about. The second time around will definitely make you feel more confident in your abilities to take care of the baby and everything from diapers to breastfeeding will feel much simpler, however it will take much more energy to take care of two kids.  In order to help you navigate the extra stress of your growing family, we have compiled a list of tips to make pregnancy and dealing a newborn as minimally exhausting as possible.


  1. Be ready for differences- No pregnancy is the same so be prepared for variations. The most common second pregnancy differences include, gaining size faster, feeling the baby move sooner, and more hiccup contractions in the third trimester.


  1. Take care of yourself- Make sure to find time to take care of yourself and your own needs. With whatever energy you have left, work on eating well, sleeping, relaxing, and staying active. Running around with your toddler can be a great way to stay fit throughout your pregnancy.


  1. Take a nap, and then nap some more- Fit in naps whenever you can. Pregnancy can be exhausting and so can your toddler, so take a nap whenever he does or whenever you can fit in the time.


  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff- Sometimes your home will not be immaculate and you cannot do everything. Don’t stress or feel guilty if the dishes have been in the sink too long or you haven’t vacuumed recently. Use your time wisely to focus on your toddler and yourself.


adding to family 2

  1. Make the adjustment easy on your first child- Gaining a new sibling can be a big transition for a kid, so help him feel included in all the changes. Talk about the baby as it grows and have him feel the little baby kicks. Let him help pick out things for the baby’s room and teach him about what to expect when the baby arrives. Focus on your older child’s role as “big brother” so he can feel a sense of excitement and responsibility for the new baby. Also make sure to arrange special time to hang out with your oldest so they do not feel as if they are loosing you.


  1. Always ask for help- You will be tired throughout your pregnancy and crazy busy when your newborn first arrives, so you probably wont be able to give your other child all of the attention he wants. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – everyone’s a winner this way J

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