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Six Months and Up


Fine Motor Skills


Oral Health


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Facial Development


Hand Eye Co-ordination


Manageable Portions


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At Cognikids we are committed to:

  • Putting babies first
  • Producing products that support healthy neurological & sensory development
  • Ensuring products are made to the highest safety standard

Building blocks

At Cognikids we believe every baby has a right to grip,grasp, hold, throw, suck and even sometimes fall over. All these actions are the building blocks upon which your baby will build their future skills.

Neurological & Sensory development

At Cognikids we are helping kids develop in a changing world. We believe high-quality baby products will help your baby’s neurological & sensory development and ensure that your baby lives up to their in-built potential. Our products are ideal for the Weaning stage and beyond.

Fun loving attitude

Invented and founded by a leading Neurological Development Therapist and mum of two, Ollwyn Moran. Ollwyn is also a Child Development Expert for Ireland AM on Virgin Media TV and writes for a number of magazines.

Cognikids uses her domain knowledge combined with the latest technology, clever design and fun-loving attitude to help babies develop their brains through movement and activity.

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